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Tailored to your goals, your wants & your needs. Work with us to build your perfect meal plan.


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Pushing you towards your goal with each session completed. See yourself become stronger & fitter than you could have ever imagined.


Progress Tracking

Backup how strong and fit you’re feeling with real time data. Seeing is believing!


Regular Check-ins

Your body is going to change & we have to adapt and adjust. No static plans here. Week by week we review and advise on what your next steps are.


Mindfulness & Habit Building

You build confidence by doing the things you said you would. Let us help you take control of your sleep, activity outside of exercise & stress levels!



Join a group of likeminded women who just like you strive to get 1% better every day. With our accountability group chats, regular webinars & upskils you’ll be surrounded by the most supportive friendship group you've ever had.

About me

Hi! i'm Hebe Hiom

Hey guys, over the last 8 years as a personal trainer I’ve worked with hundreds of you to help you finally find life long, sustainable weight loss. I love working with people who feel like they’ve tried everything & helping you guys find a routine that finally helps you love looking after your health and fitness. If you want to tone up, lean up, re- energise yourself & get in the best shape of your life whilst being sociable & looking after your mental health then I’m your girl.


Still have questions? You're not alone. Check here to see if someone else has asked the same thing. 

Absolutely! We’ve worked with hundreds of girls with a multitude of dietary requirements and preferences. You will notify us of these and we will create a plan that is best suited to you!

We have had clients stay with us for a few years, but also clients who stay with us for a few months! The minimum programme length is 12 weeks, this is an optimal time frame to see some sustainable results. After that the choice is yours!

At Hebe Hiom Coaching we have multiple approaches depending on the client, their history and of course their goal. We are honest, trustworthy and transparent. We will provide you with an in depth meal and training plan personalised to you and your goals. Weekly or bi-weekly progress check- ins with our team to ensure that you’re making the most out of your day to day routine. We will support and guide you through every step of the way, no question is too big or too silly!

You have total freedom, you can either pay upfront or monthly!

YES! We love working with gym and coaching newbies. We will teach you all you need to know and simplify the confusing bits and bobs for you.

Yes, you can train wherever you wish! We can mix + match and switch things up whenever!

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